Posted by: criavolver | May 27, 2011

Coming to a Theater near you [sorta].

Summertime is blockbuster season. A time when matinées start appearing throughout the week and the popcorn machine acquires its annual greasing. Although the Southern Albertan weather may not be conspiring with the times, my anticipation for summertime has only gained momentum with the release of the following trailers.

The Tree of Life has been gaining some much buzz in Cannes that it inspired a quick google search for the trailer.

Canadian Release date: June 17th, 2011

From the 2:14 minutes of the trailer, Terrance Malick’s Tree of Life, promises to be a film with big, personal themes. Themes of the Cosmos, family, war, coming-of-age, religion, childhood struggles and hopefully Aliens (kid) all come into fruition and the film is suppose to last 138 minutes! From the literature that’s been written about this film (so far) it seems to be a thousand piece puzzle. Where the viewer gets to piece the film back together long after it has been viewed (or while viewing multiple times). The release date cannot come soon enough and it would be sacrilegious of me to cheat, wouldn’t it?

An ode to Jenni Miller (x2):

Canadian Release date: June 24th, 2011

Beginners, seems to meddle with the same themes of the trailer above but with the crafty editing of the trailer it seems to promise a more linear story. A story about finding out who you are late in life, or mid-way, seems to be central to the piece. Plus there’s a cute dog with a shade of humor in it. The trailer might inspire me to search for Thumbsucker (this is a Mike Mills story, ahem, film after all) next time I visit a pawn shop or a dying video rental store.

Canadian Release date: September 30th, 2011

Two adorable leading men. A dark comedy. A possible love story? And a soundtrack inspired by the semblance of Garden State (so, indie). This trailer promises to be a treat for the summertime blues.

He set twitter and the media on fire when he uttered those hideous Nazi statements at Cannes. But Kirsten Dunst’s reaction and forthcoming jokes have gotten me to watch the trailer.

Canadian Release date: unknown

Lars Von Trier never promises an enjoyable viewing experience, unless you enjoy experimental film execution, perhaps the theater (you know, plays) and depressing stories. Like Beginners and Tree of Life – once again the trailer points to the cosmos and brings forth the tales of familial human life. There is a hush about this film, blew some people’s minds, so naturally it made its way onto my radar.

Now for a dose of reality.

Canadian Release date: unknown

Perhaps this film will never make its way to Canada. Making its way to Cannes was a big feat for cinema and perhaps, even, human kind. Jafar Panahi, a man condemned by Iran for making remarkable films, has created a film that explores the concept of truth. Not a trailer but a clip from a scene of his life. Enough to inspire thoughts on why films like Offside are so important and to recall the love of film.


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