Posted by: jamesodinwade | October 11, 2010

25 Things in Movies I am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Reflecting on my life today I was thinking about my one true love and what she has given me over the years. Here are 25 things in movies I am thankful for.

1.    Any scene when a musical genius plays piano.

2.    The names the Coens come up with for their characters (Marge Gunderson, Harry Pfarrer, Walter Sobchak, Theodore Donald “Donny” Karabatsos)

3.    The way Martin Scorsese uses the Rolling Stones.

4.    Woody Allen’s speaking voice.

5.    Characters squinting in Sergio Leone films.

6.    Any time Sam Elliott plays a cowboy.

7.    That Billy Wilder met an actor named Jack Lemmon.

8.    The colour red, seen in technicolor.

9.    Mike Nichols’ adaptations of plays.

10.    The last scene of Rushmore.

11.    The 15-minute interrupted shot in Children of Men.

12.    Alfred Hitchcock’s cameos.

13.    The “kisses” scene in Cinema Paradiso.

14.    Werner Herzog’s narration.

15.    Opening sequences by Saul Bass.

16.    Sex in David Cronenberg movies.

17.    Ian Holm telling the story of Zoe and the spider in The Sweet Hereafter.

18.    Bruce Campbell’s chin.

19.    The song and clip they use in the opening sequence of Ghost World.

20.    Roberto Benigni dancing with his new love in Down By Law.

21.    Ryan and Tatum O’Neal (father and daughter) as Addie and Moses in Paper Moon.

22.    Wallace Shawn’s inconceivable voice.

23.    Pixar’s ongoing support of John Ratzenberger.

24.    Postmodern Bill Murray.

25.    Morgan Freeman voiceovers.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember…never get involved in a land war in Asia.



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