Posted by: Marian Godfrey | May 5, 2010

‘Girl on Girl’ Guide

Who doesn’t appreciate sexual energy in a film; and how awesome is it when it’s girl on girl? I say it’s totally awesome, but not everyone agrees. Dudes that are simply looking for something hot might not want to watch anything they find chick flicky and will stay away from GoG themed films because, well it might mean that they will have to endure watching a load of relationship drama these films sometimes offer. Some girls might want the opposite. They might want to watch two women be really into each other and be disappointed to see that it is only minor thing in the film, sometimes added in just to hook men with the extra bit of sexual appeal it brings. I can tell you what is hot, what is heavily lesbian, and what is just plain crap.
I give each film three different ratings. First, I rate how hot it is out of ten (based on cast, whether or not there are any sex scenes, and how racy it gets). Second, I rate how prominent the ‘girl on girl’ relationship is within the story, and tell you whether it is just a little bit, or totally, gay. AND third I rate how good I find the film to be overall.

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

Basic Premise: A cute high school cheerleader is forced by her friends and family to live on a straight farm that claims to cure homosexuality.

I have to say that back in my days as a video store clerk I walked by this film, dismissing it as lame, so many times. I was wrong. Although the movie is quite shallow, it is enjoyable and pretty funny. Even though it flips back and forth from being too sentimental and having the kind of humour that relies heavily on stereotypes, the film still works out to be half decent.  Not paying attention to the cast list before I began watching it, I found Clea DuVall to be the biggest pleasant surprise the film had to offer. I know that some guys might not find her to be super hot (yeah, I’ve asked around) but she is real schwingin’ in the lez world (hey I did some online research). Good casting can improve any film, it’s just too bad that there are a few too many awkward kissing scenes and that the film was pretty tame overall.

But I’m a Cheerleader
Ratings (out of 10):
Hotness: 3.
Girl on Girl Prominence: 8.
Overall quality: 5.5

Foxfire (1996)

Basic premise: A group of high school girls meet a misfit drop out who inspires them to rebel against their school teachers, their parents, and well, the whole world really.

So I re-watched this film the other day, and at first I couldn’t understand how I had come to think of it as being sorta a gay movie. I soon realized that my memory is skewed and that Angelina just made me feel gay and that I was probably thinking of the then scandalous affair Jolie had at the time with one of the actresses in the film, Jenny Shimizu.
There is, however, some serious underlining homoeroticism going on here (that frustratingly does not get expressed) and the film does make it on to some online gay movie lists. Jolie’s character may be a lesbian but other than hinting at it, the movie really does not do anything with it. This movie is actually no good, at all. It seems that some angst ridden teenager with a special flare for useless drama wrote a script, and then a group of adults decided to actually go ahead and make it. I would only recommend this film if someone were a hardcore Jolie fan, wanted to see her topless, or wanted to see a flick take the ‘FTW’ attitude teenage girls had in the mid 90’s and run with it. Oh, and you also get to see some sweet 90’s outfits, and great 90’s hair.

Ratings (out of 10):
Hotness: 4
Girl on Girl Prominence: 2
Overall Quality: 3.5

My Summer of Love (2004)

Basic Premise: Taking place in the English countryside, a rich, cultured, highly educated teenage girl on a horse meets a poor, troubled, rural girl who rolls on a moped without an engine.

As far as action (as in plot progression) goes there are moments were this film lulls about, making it somewhat of a chore to get through. But really, I’d say it’s worth it, because, you get to see two English girls and the charm they carry in both their class extremes. Class doesn’t appear to be a big thing here, but it still is a bit of a deal in the UK no matter what anyone tells you. There are some good scenes and partial nudity.

My Summer of Love
Ratings (out of 10):
Hotness: 6
Girl on Girl Prominence: 8
Overall Quality: 7

Tipping the Velvet (2002)

Basic Premise: This is a BBC film based on the book by Sarah Walters, about a young woman who has many adventures (sexual and otherwise) living a far different life then most women would live now, let alone in the late nineteenth century.

If I told you this was a period piece set in Victorian England, and it was about a young woman coming to terms with her love for other woman, you probably wouldn’t be in a hurry to watch it, but make no mistake about it, this film is a gem. I suspect this three part series will be a hit with almost anyone (unless you’re a prude) as it’s all about the lady love, and yet it is still really engaging even if you are not into Victorian England or lesbian films. Well worth the three hours it takes to watch. Excellent cinematography, costume design, and art direction. It also has some great acting, oh and the lead actress is stunning, and provides an honest, and engaging performance.

Tipping the Velvet
Ratings (out of 10):
Hotness: 7.5
Girl on Girl Prominence: 10
Overall Quality: 10



  1. I remember looking up a clip from Foxfire specifically because I heard it was kinda racy and that love-of-my-life Jenny Lewis was in it. Alas, she was the one girl in the movie who kept her top on. Just too classy I guess.

  2. That’s awesome that you dig Jenny Lewis, though I found her to be the least attractive girl in Foxfire, mostly because of the role. She plays this big wussy and whiny awkward teen. BUT I saw her live in Rilo Kiley and she was effin smokin, rockin her signature little onesie. This one was silver, and she was all porcelain limbs.

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