Posted by: Alan | February 1, 2010

The Top 50 Films of 2000-2009

Here’s how it works!

Our staff and our readers were asked to send me a list of their 25 favorite Films of the 2000s (2000-2009). 38 ballots were received, and the movies were ranked on a point system allowing 25 points for a #1 choice, 24 for a #2, and all the way down to 1 point for #25. The points were added up, and what follows are the selections.

Tiebreakers work like such: If two movies have equal pointage (and neither got a number 1 vote), the movie that appeared on the most lists ranks higher. If those characters appeared on the same amount of lists, I went with whatever ranked highest on the individual list. A character that was someone’s #4 beats another person’s #6, for example. And then if they still were tied I just picked one so shut up.

We will be posting 10 films a day for the entire week, culminating in the top 10 being revealed on Friday.

The countdown begins now!

“Maybe I’ll just sit here and bleed at you.”

50. Brick – (2006) – 74 points
(7 of 38 lists. Highest ranking #4 – Greg W)

It really pleased me to see this little movie make the top 50. A brilliant detective yarn using characters and dialogue so hard-boiled you could bounce them off a sidewalk. The unique idea of setting a film noir in a high school works so well. I feel this is essential viewing for film noir buffs and anyone who is a fan of innovative and original cinema.


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  1. The quote for Serenity is from Firefly, not Serenity. Sorry, had to nerd it up.

  2. There seems to have been some mistake here – Serenity seems to have ended up on the list.

  3. That quote is from the pilot episode of Firefly, not the movie. Just FIY.
    Oh Kev beat me to it!!!!

    High five Kevlar!


  5. Welp, I was pretty happy to see “Brick” and “The 25th Hour” made the list.
    I sure do hope “Million Dollar Hotel” makes it into the top 20, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

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